13 May 2008

This Is So Interesting!!

Or at least I hope so. The cheap things I will say to get you to read my blog--it's like I am a politician. But seriously, an update from this corner of the world called Germany.

There was a major religious holiday in southern Germany called Corpus Christi (as a Catholic I should have known this, but I digress). So again, we had the typical characteristics of the German holiday which perplexmetothisday--i.e. where does everybody go?? Streets are quiet. They even turned the church bells off. I couldn't sleep--too bloody quiet. Chico the dog, from upstairs, is on holiday in Italy. Yes, even the dog.

Tuesday (today). Still quiet. Me thinks the Germans made a long va-cay out of it.

Now onto the knitting. I have been knitting mad, wicked fast. Oh thank you, Elizabeth Zimmerman for creating patterns out of garter stitch that actually look good so I can zoom away on some baby gifts for my pregnant friends.

A while ago I bought some lovely handpainted sockweight yarn from a place online (but here in Germany). Here is what it looked like still in the skein/hank (never quite sure what to call it when it looks like this):Hmm, yummy. But even yummier when I found the perfect pattern for it: Nutkin (Ravelry link). Usually I am not a fan of semi-striping yarns and sock patterns that call for anything beyond a simple ribbing. But Nutkin is IT. It goes soo well. I'm so pleased.
Ahhh, a turned cuff and everything. No cable needle! And yes, those are Knit Picks circulars, which I dare say are much better than the Addi Turbos. But get this--I lost my Addi Turbos (the sock ones) and for months refused to buy replacement circulars. I got the Comfort Plus ones (which I like) but just wanted my damn circulars back. Wouldn't you know that, like, three weeks after caving in and buying some the old ones resurface? I swear we have a ghost in our apartment but whatever.

Today I am blocking Alhambra (Ravelry link here)by Anne Hanson. I used less than one skein of Knit Picks Gloss Lace in colorway Port. I liked knitting with it, but we'll see how it holds up to being pushed and pulled constantly out of my bag (I don't like air conditioning, which is why I like Europe so much--hard to find AC--but it does pop up). Right now it's a plop of glop in the sink, but here's what it looked like as a WIP:
Finally, this past week I met my first Raveler, or is it Ravelryer? Her name is Jenn. She bravely endured my driving on the autobahn and we hit the yarn shops in the area, eventually finding one that was open (ha!). She and I are thinking of doing the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg, Vienna. (In between hitting the yarn shops there, of course!).


Antevasin said...

Wow! You are one lucky girrrllll...Sound of Music in Vienna! That sounds loverly. Scooter has been to Salzburg and I'd love to go sometime, but we're thinking Seattle this summer for vacation. We both love it there so much!!
So glad you made a new friend via Ravelry...how fun is that!?!??!

Jenn said...

I'm horrible, I'm just catching up on your blog! I had a great time visiting (your driving isn't that bad). You were a wonderful hostess. Next time let's drink that yummy sounding beer you blogged about.

I love the Nutkins. I have a yarn all picked out for those, but it's like # GAZZILLION on my list of things to knit!

I hope we can do Vienna...

Choos! LOL

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