04 May 2008

Kirschweizen--or Cherry Wheat Beer

Today we went to Medoc, a small restaurant on the Bismarckplatz, and I got a Kirschweizen (cherry wheat beer), which was bright purple from the local cherries. A normal hefeweizen is behind my beer. It tasted really good--not too sweet or sour--just beer with the hint of the local cherries.


Laundry & Children said...

Is this like the Cheerwine of beers? :)

weaverknits said...

Oh, oh, I miss being in Germay so, so much. I would move there in a heartbeat if there were jobs open to me now.

But the question is, did you drink both the Kirschweizen AND the Hefeweizen behind it?

Jenn said...

Bummer - I would have loved to try the cherry beer. That settles it...I must make a return visit for sure now.

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