20 February 2008

Guilt-Free S.E.X. Guide

Someone (she knows who she is) says I don't blog as regularly as I should. I got the can of whupass from all the way across the pond. So I am posting!

It is becoming increasingly difficult to smuggle good quality yarn into this place. So I had to devise a plan.

As a background, hubbo picks up the mail at our US mailbox since it is easier to get there by car. US company to US mailbox=cheap shipping. But to get it shipped to our flat, well, not only is it more expensive but you'll remember from earlier that the DHL people like to ring our bell at the crack of dawn (actually, since it's winter it is now officially ringing our bell BEFORE the crack of dawn). Hence the problem of sneaking in yarn. Oh, and the personal safety of the DHL man.

So yesterday I received my blocking wires from KnitPicks (schweee!!) which came in a long tube, and a small packet (which of course was yarn--Alpaca Cloud in colorway Horizon ifyoumustknow). I mean, if the plane is going to burn all that fuel just to bring me my blocking wires, then for global warming's sake I might as well be economical about my consumerism and add yarn to my order.

I digress. Hubbo has been watching me knit Hanami for the last 2 years, er, I mean two months from one leeeelte ball of skinny yarn. The end product will be a lace stole of a Japanese basket weave motif on one end and cherry blossoms on the other (this is neither here nor there, whatever that means). Said skinny ball of yarn (1200 meters of which was bought at Maryland Sheep and Fiber Festival 2007) cost me, like, $40 (it is 100% silk). So I have broken this project down into cost per day with this skein of silk to show him just how cost effective expensive laceweight can be (heh, heh). So when package of laceweight Alpaca Cloud comes through the door I give it to him in actual KnitPicks cost, cost per skein/day of enjoyment, and the cost savings achieved by using KnitPicks over another vendor. This seems to please Hubbo and I am released to put the yarn into the stash. Walla! I have, at last, found the secret to guilt-free stash enhancement.


Antevasin said...

I always go the therapy route with Scooter..."do you realize how much good therapy costs these days compared to one leeetle skein of yarn!?!?"

Rachel said...

Where does the sex part come in? :)

linnakat said...

US mailbox? stuff shipped overseas for US shipping?? wonder if there're any knitters at the embassy here that would understand my need to obtain yarn using their mailbox...Would that be fraud? Darnnit.

Although, honestly, I've gotten orders from Briar Rose and The Loopy Ewe here via USPS/Posta Kenya. Didn't get charged duty on either one, too, oddly enough.

Snowberry & Lime said...

I was wondering about that mailbox as well? Cheap shipping and no customs tax??? I am officially jealous... :P

Like the theory about cost effective knitting - so true!


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