15 February 2008

Oh Yeah, Knitting

When we went home in November, I bought a sock book that Interweave Knits had put out. Well, I have finally been slogging along on the Mock Waves Sock with the Trekking XXL that I bought in Nuernberg at Tolle Wolle. I have been reluctant to use this yarn; its colorway is so pretty and when you only have one ball of it in your stash...well...you just want to stare at it for a while. Maybe this is why I am knitting the damn sock so slow. I never knit socks this slow. I can knit them in my sleep.

I guess the fact that I am actually using the yarn should be an accomplishment in the first place. I still can't bear to use my Wollmeise. You don't whip out the china for just any old company.

So while I haven't been posting that much knitting stuff, I have been knitting, and reading about knitting, but doing it all over at Ravelry. It's a most wonderful place. Soon therapists will hear all about it.

And since I have been there so much enjoying everyone's work, this is what I have been doing today. Floor tile color is not my choice, by the way.


Antevasin said...

Isn't it amazing how much time you can spend at ravelry? I tell myself I'm just going to take a quick peek and next thing I know, that quick turned into 3 hours of blatant snooping and journaling! I just call it my yarn porn addiction...:=)

Laundry & Children said...

I sometimes feel that our laundry pile will literally eat me alive. Like someday I am going to be leaning over our hamper and a kid will push me in (probably Jack, becuase it is exactly the kind of thing that he would do) and I will never be heard from again. With 6 of us in the house, the laundry never, never ends. At least in the summer there aren't any socks. I hate folding socks. See what can of worms you opened bring up laundry. :)

Lolly said...

ravelry is a great creation - no doubt about it. i seriously have to pull myself away!!

morgan said...

the sock yarn colour is magnificent! and so is Ravelry, of course ;)

Felicia said...

Beautiful sock :)

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