14 January 2008

Pre-Blocking: The Clump of Dump

Let me interrupt this knitting and traveling blog for this tiny announcement:

"Booyah!" to the Colts and especially to Peyton Manning for getting a whuppin' last night. Hee hee.

Ok, back to the blog:

I decided to make good on my list and start on my first lace scarf/stole: Hanami. I have tried this before in what was possibly the worst choice of timing for starting lace ever, so the fact that I have gotten this far in just a few days is amazing. The fact that I still like lace is even more amazing. In fact, I am addicted. Move over socks, you've got some competition.

Yeah, I know, it just looks like a clump of dump so far, but I hear this is normal for lace projects like this until you block them. We will see. Oh! You can't see this from the picture, but I also knitted some small beads on the end of the shawl. My first time with that, too!

For a zoom in on my clump of dump (I accidentally discovered a new feature on my camera that I have had for ages):
Yeaaah, buddy! I can hear you now: That looks like nuthin'.

Be patient peoples, I swear it will look like something if I can finish it.

Ok, so what the heck does Hanami mean?? If I am getting this right, Hanami is the yearly Japanese tradition of going to view the cherry blossoms. I bought this pattern from Melanie Gibbons when we found out we were moving to Germany because I wanted something that would always remind me of DC, especially the time of year when we would see the cherry blossoms. It's the most beautiful time of year in DC and the sight will quite literally take your breath away.

The part that I am knitting now, the basket weave lace, is inspired by traditional Sashiko--Japanese quilting design. I just finished the second repeat and have five more to go. I am knitting it with US 3 Knit Picks circulars (24") and the yarn is Claudia's Handpainted Silk, which comes in one skein of 1100 yards (oh yeah). Got it at Maryland Wool & Fiber 2007.

I am also knitting some mindless footies in some self-striping girly colored mess. I find the brain-numbing and brain-swallowing mix of knitting suits me well.

Off to find some bok-choy (if I can find the word in German first, that is!)

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Sara said...

you are correct! hanami is cherry blossom viewing - should be in early April! Can't wait!

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