11 January 2008

Christmas Keeps On Comin'

Another perk of living overseas is that between the holidays and usual mail delays Christmas gifts can keep on coming. (I love this!). Our friends feel bad about this, but they absolutely should not: this means we get a long Christmas.

So this week my MIL sends me a lovely card with a Borders gift card. My MIL is awesome. Oh the knitting books I can buy with this thing!!! So I go onto Ravelry and check out what books my friends have and I come up with a list. Here is what I will be getting in a couple of weeks:

I just started Hanami for the second time (the first time being a few weeks before we left the states, which is not really the best time to start a lace project). I have seen so many beautiful lace shawls and stoles on Ravelry and felt inspired to give Hanami another try.

Also my friend, Sara, is living in Japan right now, so I feel doubly inspired to try a shawl with Japanese significance. Folk Shawls will be a great source for other lace projects and came highly recommended.

The second book I got is more about the author rather than the book. Elizabeth Zimmerman is well known within the knitting community. She has become even more popular with the resurgence of knitting popularity in the states. I was able to find her book Knitting Without Tears when I was home in November, but that was it. If you haven't picked up that book, you should. It takes the stress out of knitting and touches on her percentage system which enables any knitter to adapt any pattern to any size. Knitting Workshop has the infamous Baby Surprise Jacket pattern, which I have been dying to knit since so many of my friends have been having babies.

The day, and Hanami, await. It's amazing how much knitting you can do time-wise and only come up with an inch or two of work!

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Lolly said...

Lucky you with the extended Christmas! The books you got are good ones - I have Knitting Workshop too, although I haven't made anything from it yet.

Thanks for the comment on my blog! :)

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