20 December 2007

Koolhaas Hat

The Christmas knitting has been continuing full steam and may end up being called the New Years knitting. Sigh. BUT my friends are the coolest of recipients and will be grateful nonetheless, so I am not worried.

Ok, I am worried just because I want to get it to them for Christmas, but I need to let go of that because it is just not going to happen. I only have two hands and my husband refuses to learn how to knit so I can take a break.

When I was knitting one xmas gift, he commented how much he liked it. It was a scarf in garter stitch, people. To a lot of knitters, the stitch o' death. Boring as all get out. The Man Scarf. So that is what he is getting. In black. Lana Grossa Mood, 2 skeins, knit in a trance since it doesn't really require a brain wave to complete.
He is also getting the Koolhaas Hat, which yippee!!, is fascinating and is so...sound...I will miss it when I bind off the last stitch. Jared Flood, the designer, scores big in this house with hubbo. He does the most husband-friendly designs I've found that not only please your male significant other but also keep the knitter intrigued--what a rare combination.

We are off to Switzerland for the weekend. If we had the interstate here it would probably be five hours away, but by autobahn it is only two. Merry Christmas!

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