18 December 2007

I'm in Ravelry!

After what felt like a looong time, this morning I opened my email and saw my Ravelry invite. This was pre-coffee excitement, which means the happy dance I did in socks on a hardwood floor could have possibly led me to the ER. Would have been worth it.

For those with Ravelry accounts, I am heidelblogknits.

Wanna know more about Ravelry and why I willingly suffered these long, cold and dark days for an e-vite? See here.

Ok, for non-knitting news (oh, the horror!), hubbo and I went to the Christmas market (or Weinachtsmarkt) last night to eat dinner from all the food vendors. This is a great way to try some German snack food or gorge yourself on some other meats you may have missed out...somehow. It was buttf*#$ing cold. I mean, longjohns-longsleeve shirt-wool sweater-wool socks-wool mittens-wool hat WITH liner-down jacket and STILL cold kinda weather. So our night out was, "Here, drink your gluhwein. Hurry eat the kartoffelpuffer (which had a very nice garlic sauce on it, I might add)." And then a speed walk to the bus stop. Despite the total body numbness, it was really quite beautiful, especially with the castle all lit up. And we got two free gluhwein mugs as souvenirs. Prost!

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