03 October 2007

Reunification Day

Today Germany celebrates ten years of unity after the falling of the Berlin Wall. I fully expected this to be a cause for a big party, too, (and it may be in Berlin--who knows), but here in Heidelberg it is very quiet.

quiet. Where did everybody go?

Turns out this is a day of contemplation and prayer (?) and at most, people go outside to enjoy nature and hikes. (Sure enough this is where I found everyone!).

I took a stroll down the river, up the Hauptstrasse for a bit (where I found another Thai restaurant--score!), and then crossed the Alte Brucke (the Old Bridge) to take the Philosophenweg (Philosopher's Way) back home. Usually I take it coming down the mountainside--well, now I know why people look like they are dying on the way up! I nearly had a coronary.

Here I am standing on the Alte Brucke as I take this picture, looking back at the Altstadt (Old Town). The two white pillars hold the gateway to the town, which were once the only way to enter and exit Heidelberg (at least that is what I think the sign said--it was in German).

On Holidays you can't make a lot of racket (i.e. vacuum cleaner is out, so you know this is killing me) so I am tackling the closet instead. Basically: how to hide crap around the house in a creative way. We are getting a nice shelving unit next for my yarn that will also hold the bed linens. Up till now it has been in a giant bag. This is not the best way to keep one's investments, I said to Mr. Left.

"Some people invest in blue chips. I invest in cashmere."

Can you see the castle through the fog?

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