27 May 2007

We've Arrived

After the longest seven hour flight, we finally arrived in Germany. And so did our bags. ALL of them. Amazing. After some basic orientation and breakfast, we were dropped at our temporary apartment (part of the Hotel Rose), and took a big nap before trying to do more adventurous things like washing our clothes. Do not underestimate the potential fun of washing your clothes in a German machine because nothing on it is in English. Every setting looks like this "Gerviaidhuisdzsrtfahrt". And all I want to do is a load of darks. So, we consult our German book of phrases and nothing helps (though I am now well informed about all of the sausages I can find in a restaurant). I look on the wall and the Frau of our hotel has left something that talks about the different fabrics and their potential settings and luckily my knitting comes in handy. I have knit with enough German yarns to be able to now guess the temperature and be able to sort of know what we might do at this point. So we stick it in. Somehow we have set it for 119 minutes. We now have the cleanest clothes in all of Heidelberg.

Part 2. Oh yes. The dryer. Instead of ironing we stick a shirt in the dryer. After 10 minutes, thinking we had conquered these machines, we could not figure out how to open the darn thing. Again, consulted the German book of phrases. Nothing. We then began to shout at the dryer No! No!. Pushing all the buttons, more lights blinking. Finally the thing opened. Good grief. Fun comes in evey way imaginable.

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