29 May 2007

We will get fat in this place

I used to worry about keeping weight on. No more. Aside from excellent beer (hated beer in the states), people here have entire stores devoted to gummi bears, eat soft pretzels with butter on them for breakfast, and gelati like it is going out of style. I think it is more likely we will have a heart attack before our contract is up. And since there is a very efficient streetcar (stra├čebahne) system, you can drink out on the streets (literally) and stumble home all the while enjoying your open container while on the streetcar. Insane. These people have running a society down cold. I love it here.

Spargel. It is everywhere. On the side of the road, in stands on the street, in flowerr arrangements. They have entire buffets devoted to it. What is it you ask? Asparagus. BIG asparagus. And no one has stinky pee. Which leads me to the turd shelf. There are the toilets you and I know of--standard hole with sloping sides that mimic a bowl. But the turd shelf is like a step/shelf with a hole on one end. The bowl is nonexistent, but instead is flat. Makes the flushing bit kind of hard, if you know what I mean. I guess this was useful back in the days of the plague and whatnot when examining ones poo was helpful, but now, not so much.

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