03 May 2007

Three Weeks

Hi, I'm Mrs. Left. I'm 30 and I live in Washington, DC with Mr. Left--for 3 more weeks anyway, then we move to Heidelberg, Germany for the next three years (more if we like it). So we are currently in the throes of pre-move bliss ("Should we keep these pans and buy new ones when we get there? How do I pack my favorite hot sauce?"). I think back to the time I shipped off to the Peace Corps for two years with two bags, and I realize that what we should be focusing on is how many bottles of hot sauce. Stock up!

Mr. Left has been so kind as to already acknowledge that most of the weight allowance in the fast shipment will be dedicated to my yarn stash and knitting patterns. I guess all those pairs of socks I have knitted for him to keep him quiet are finally paying off. The remaining 5 pounds of the 700 will be his to do what he likes.

Speaking of yarn, I am in a mad dash to finish two WIP's (works in progress)-- a pair of socks and Picovoli from Grumperina-- before this weekend's Maryland Sheep and Fiber Festival. Somehow finishing some projects frees up the guilt of buying more yarn. These festival's are the equivalent of a Britney Spears concert for teens (pre-shaved head-Federline fiasco). It's nice for Mr. Left since he can go eat all of the meats of the animals whose wool I am buying for socks and sweaters.

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