10 May 2007

The Jury Duty Headband

On Tuesday I finally got to partake in a big DC pasttime--no, not the one about paying taxes and not being represented in Congress (we already do that on a regular basis). This time it was jury duty. Every two years a DC resident gets called up without fail. I was advised to bring something to do, so I brought a beautiful skein of Debbie Bliss Pure Silk (color I can't remember) that I picked up at Seaport Yarns in NYC, and a pattern called Molly's Headband. FYI, that is a perfect pattern to knit up during a day's questioning for a jury panel.

I also started Hanami (see side bar for link) for the third time. I gave up on the beads quite honestly when Mr. Left started walking on eggshells every night after I would somehow manage to cast on a different number of stitches. I'm wondering how I am going to transport this thing to Germany. What am I going to knit on the plane? I am knitting it on 32" circulars. The quick ship won't get to Germany for 4 weeks. What projects should I bring? I am wishing we shipped the car earlier so I could have hid some wool in the trunk.....

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