02 July 2008

Brain Damage Causes Knitting of Doily

It's hot here. No AC (not even a choice in the matter). This is how people die in Europe, my friends.
It's obvious that this heat is causing some brain damage because I have done the unthinkable: I have knit my own doily.

But it gets worse.

Why would I do such a thing? I didn't like the doilies for sale. Please somebody get me more than the three cubes of ice I am allotted when I go out to eat and put my brain in the cooler.

In case you were wondering, here is what it looks like with the blocking wires and pins still in it.


juicyknits said...

Oh, I'm looking forward to rainy days (tomorrow, if weather forcast guys are correct for once).
Your doily is cute. But yes, it's the unthinkable.

Paty said...

It looks really nice! Happy knitting!

AllyC said...

What will you do with your doily? Will you have to go out to buy fancy or antique furniture to put it on? Will you display fruit on it?

annmarie said...

Doilies are seductive.they are beautiful, and look fun to knit. But then what do you do with them? That's why a lot of people knit washcloths, because they can't think of a use for doilies.

If someone could think of a modern use for them then knitter and crocheters all over the world (and possibly in other parts of the galaxy) would insist that there be a special Nobel Prize awarded.

Your doily is lovely, btw. Now what are you going to do with it? Put it under something?

Anonymous said...

Interesting. What made you decide to knit a doily other than they delirium?

In the southern US they have drink doilies that you put over your iced tea to keep the bugs out! Love em. The ones that I have are crocheted (not by me - of course).

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