26 February 2008

On Lace--Not Just For Grannies

My Clump O' Dump is about to become a butterfly. My first attempt at real lace (19" x 70", mind you) is currently drying on the floor in our foyer. This is what it looked like eons ago when I first cast on.Lace apparently becomes magical after blocking because all of the work opens up. I'm anxious to see this. I have blocked it, wires and pins and all, but I am completely terrified to pull the wires and pins out, for fear that it will turn back into Clump O' Dump, the lifeless pre-blocked mess.

Looks like I will be eating the rest of the Nutella tonight to psyche myself up for the big finale.

I'm sure my non-knitting friends are wondering why anyone in their right mind would knit lace. First, they already know I am not in my right mind. Never have been. People in their right mind live dull lives. I, too, could not understand this knitting-lace-thing. Talk about not making progress. Then I saw Hanami just before we left Washington, DC. I wanted to make something that would always remind me of the cherry blossoms there. It seemed like an easy knit, the gateway pattern into laceknitting. I tried it, messed up royally, frogged it, and then cast on again this January. With sunlight at an all time low, a good long knit to push one through winter seemed like a good fit. I found it very meditative; my mind could go blank enough to still keep track of my stitches but have room to contemplate other things. This stole will always remind me of many things, not only of DC and the cherry blossoms, but of my first winter in Germany and everything that came with it. Including, of all things, the beginning of a new Spring across the ocean, including cherry blossoms here.


morgan said...

I'm curious for the endresult!

SJ said...

Provided you were using some kind of animal fiber-based yarn, your lace will absolutely NOT spring back into a blob when you unpin it! It will be light, airy, and gorgeous, and you will want to take it out to the street and show every person you see just how beautiful your lace is.

My absolute favorite part of knitting lace is the blocking, because it truly is magical the way it goes from blob to gorgeous.

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