31 December 2007

There Is No Cream In Bavaria

I love the Bavarian cream filling in the donuts at Dunkin' Donuts. So how happy was I when we spent the weekend in Bavaria--specifically Nurnberg. Well, let me tell you--there is no cream in Bavaria. Only cold, lebkuchen and this--happy hairy people.

Kidding (about the hairy people)! We are very lucky to live two hours west of Nurnberg, a city in the state of Bayern which is so beautiful you can hardly believe your eyes.

But Nurnberg is also known for being the focus point of Nazism, and the birthplace of the anti-race laws that soon became commonplace during the Third Reich. After WWII the famous Nurenberg Trials were held here and I have pictures of that which I will save for another day.

During our visit to Nurnberg we stayed at the Burghotel, which is on Lammstrasse just inside the wall of the Old City. The beds were just right and hey, we watched Goonies in German! Plus there was a nice meaty German breakfast in the morning. (Not that I had that but there was some lovely muesli and yogurt with tons of coffee.)

Guess what was two streets over from us? (We did not plan this.) The Mecca of all yarn shops thus far in Europe!!!I came to Nurnberg with three LYS addresses. This was near the parking garage for the hotel. I about died! They had Noro, Debbie Bliss, Trekking, Rowan!! And it was on sale!! So what did I buy? Three balls of sock yarn. Too many options and I freeze up. Oh well, at least the store was open.

On non-knitting things, here is a new year's treat that is everywhere in Germany. Am I the only one who finds this so funny? They are so big on the pig here. Pig marzipan is THE thing here. (I wonder if your brain messes with you and makes you think it faintly tastes of bacon...)

And the creepiest thing we saw was the Wedding Fountain. I have more pictures on my flickr page about it, but here is the whole fountain. It depicts all the stages of marriage.Stay tuned for more about Nurnberg in my next post! Happy New Year! Gutes Neue Jahre!


Knittin' pretty said...

I'm with you..the pig thing is hilarious! LOL Your posts are always great fun to read..thanks!!

crafty_kat said...

lol yeah, the piggies of marzipan are very well loved in that area.

*giggles* You got cool stuff to remember the place by ^_~

sweetfigs said...

Tolle Wolle? I love that store! They don't skimp on the sidewalk display and indoors is stuffed with the most wonderful yarns.

CresceNet said...

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Sara said...

Wow! that pig takes the cake!! I'm not sure, but that may even funnier than the random stuff here in Japan!!

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