07 November 2007

Mad Dash of Preparations

Mr. Left's sweater will be done and blocked by the trip. Just some more rows on the neck, and some grafting on the underarm, and a good blocking.So, this is how our luggage contents for the trip are shaping up:
  • 3 bags of 24 smaller bags of gummi bears
  • 3 bars of Christmas Chocolate (more of each coming)
  • 6 bottles of German wine
  • 2 skeins of Wollmeise yarn
  • enough yarn and patterns to stave off boredom for 2 weeks (including knitting needles and notions)
  • bags to bring back more stuff
  • oh, and some clothes
The dollar exchange rate with the Euro is, well, something like getting a leg waxing every time you go to the bank, so for us, going to America will be like going to a long lost place where the currency is incredibly cheap and we will be buying up. I plan to eat my weight in Dunkin Donuts, pad thai, and sushi. And free water when you sit down in a restaurant? LOL!

I hope some nice person will be behind me when I pass out as I walk into Borders, that warehouse of a bookstore where all the books are in English. I am just dying for some books in English. Intellectually stimulating ones! No more chic lit! So please, if you are in the Boston-area, and someone passes out in the bookstore, it's me.

In the meantime I am in full time laundry mode, which means watching your clothes get washed in the front-loader with a cup of water for 2 hours before you can dry it in the dryer. Yes, a cup of water. This gives me plenty of time to work on these:
Not that good at the short row heel usually, but this time I got it right. Perfect snug fit. Nothing like a new pair of socks on the way. Ich bin die Foxy Lady!

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