28 November 2007

I'm Back from the Great Experiment!

Yes, rest assured all you flying knitters. You CAN knit with circulars on the plane. Just don't bring the muther of all addi turbos in a size 12 and I think you'll be okay.

We got back Sunday morning, took the ICE back to Heidelberg and went right to sleep. We had a great trip visiting with friends and family on a much more relaxed schedule this time, so we were able to enjoy ourselves much more.

I finished the Cobblestone sweater for Mein Mann, my two Teosinte socks, the Minimalist Sweater, and also made two pairs of Twinkletoes for our goddaughters, Natalia and Mallorie who are both taking dance lessons. They were thrilled. Each slipper took a night to knit up and was pretty easy and straightforward. I used Rowan Calmer and size 6 dpns.

Upon arriving in New York to visit with my friend, Julie, we promptly went to Seaport Yarns, aka Yarn heaven, to lay down some serious money. This was actually hard for me because there were too many options! But I did get some Opal sock yarns, some Bamboo yarn from Sirdar, a Kwacha Kwacha, and E. Zimmerman's Knitting without Tears.

Next: Baltimore to visit some peeps down there. All was as wonderful as could be, which is all our hearts could have asked for. My Shedir hat was given to the most deserving recipient, and now I have been asked to make a matching scarf. So I am on it. xoxo.

Then we went to Philly to see my Grandmom and we talked knitting all day. The two of us can be real troublemakers. We shared knitting patterns and she showed me her stash (much bigger than mine) but I gave her some reorganization tips that are up and coming in her house that she should jump on to better manage her stash. Gotta look out for my Grandma!

Then up to New England, where the Jersey Turnpike had mercy on our souls, and we made it to Rhode Island ok. While we were up there we made a quick stop to Green Mountain Spinnery to buy some wool direct: 2 for me and 2 for Grandmom. We are making Tyrolean Stockings together from IK Fall '07. All this, plus the fact that I bought mega bag of yarn and books at Windsor Button in Boston on Temple Street, Fresh Pearls in Providence on Hope Street, and any other place I might happen to see (Mr. Left will confirm that I did indeed force him to stop at each place).

All in all, a great vacation. We got to spend time with family and friends, got to have as much free ice water as we wanted (score!), and I bought I heck of a lot of yarn and books about yarn.

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