14 October 2007

The Strike is Over

As of Saturday, the strike was over. New bookshelf with appropriately matching baskets for small, half-used balls of yarn were purchased at the Ikea in Waldorf and are now sitting behind me on the floor for assembly. It's nice to know that I have learned something in my 5 months here in Germany (the language excluded, of course): how to make an effective strike.

After arranging and organizing all of my yarn I have now determined the following:
  1. There is a reason the babywear world uses pastels. Infants haven't fully developed their ability to see colors and focus, and I should recognize this. I should stop making my friends dress their newborns in the orange and bright green knitted items I have sent to them, if only to prevent future blindness. Sorry, guys.
  2. I stockpile wet spun linen for no good reason and will keep on doing it. Thank you Seaport Yarns.
  3. There is one shade of Koigu PPPM that I must have bought from a magazine while in a dark room on the internet. I say this because this color in normal lighted settings invokes a migraine, but because it's Koigu, I can't bear to get rid of it.
  4. I don't like mohair.
  5. I like green.
On completely unrelated knitted news, Thursday Mr. Left and I will celebrate our fourth anniversary. How to celebrate? We are driving (yes, driving!) to Prague for a few days (just a few hours away), and then we will go to southeastern Germany for a few days as well. It was either this or Rome (we realize how lucky we are to have this as our 'dilemma'), but we thought Prague would be pretty in the fall.

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