27 October 2007

Soaring Eagles Project 2

Most of us don't start thinking about Christmas gifts for people until, well, the week of Christmas (if you're like the people I know--sorry, guys). But if you're a knitter, this process starts months in advance. I have been thinking about what to knit people since about May. I am in good shape (imagine me knocking on wood!). So I will be plowing through my patterns and stash looking for some good patterns for this project called "Soaring Eagles".

Please click on the link and read about them. If you are a knitter, OR know one, please forward them the link. It's not saving the planet from global warming, or bringing peace to the middle east, but a simple act of letting a child know through a handknit garment that someone cares. A very small gesture that can go a long way. I plan on knitting some mittens and some socks.

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Procrastiknitter said...

Thank you so much! I emailed you an invite to be able to post on the blog as an author!


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