20 October 2007

Onto Prague

It's 3:13 am as I write this. Can't sleep. And Mr. Left ate ALL of the tiramisu in the fridge. Boo.

The iPod is prepared. What did people on the autobahn do before the iPod? This is perplexing, really. You're going 100+mph up and down hills between mountains, so you're lucky if you catch two lines of a good song. So what we have been doing is listening to my favorite station (kid you not): scan. You know, the button on the radio that scans for a station for you. I could, and have, listen to this for hours. Needless to say I am the only one in the car who feels this way. So we have amped up the pod with some Hardball with Chris Matthews (which we used to watch every night in DC), and Tucker (both of whom had their office in the building behind where I used to work on Capitol Hill). And as a special bonus, which may not be the best thing to have when driving, is Stephen Colbert's new book: I Am America (And So Can You!) on audio, read by him.

If you are not a Stephen Colbert fan, please proceed to your nearest neurologist as the funny ha-ha part of your brain is malfunctioning. Seriously. We got addicted to him via The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (ok, having a swoon moment over him...). Colbert was on his show, as was Steve Carrell, and now Rob Courdry has recently left. All hilarious people. We got tickets (Mr. Left, myself, and friend Julie) to see the Colbert Report and who was there but Geoffrey!!

Who is Geoffrey? Really, people. Before The Daily Show, Colbert was on Strangers with Candy, a small series on Comedy Central (Geoffrey was the art teacher that Colbert's character was having an affair with). But who else was on this fabulous show? Amy Sedaris playing Jeri Blank. And who is her brother? David Sedaris, funniest writer of ALL TIME.

I have met David Sedaris twice at book signings in Raleigh, North Carolina, where the Sedaris family has called home for a while. Amy and the Rooster (read Me Talk Pretty One Day by David to know who the Rooster is) were there. Me Talk Pretty One Day is my favorite book of his, but this is not some book you want to pick up and read in public. Alone. Unless you like to be the weirdo laughing hysterically--and it's the laughing so hard you're crying and laughing for hours laugh. He is that funny. Even better if you can hear him read his own stories.

Big digression there, but worth it. We'll see how Stephen works on the autobahn. For Mr. Left's sake it better work out well because I have 6 knitting podcasts in the queue if it doesn't! (Including one done by expats who live in Germany--can't wait to hear this!).

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