30 October 2007

Appointment Maker

Who buzzes your friggin' doorbell at 7:33 in the morning??

Just a question since this happened to me.


At that time.

And I don't want to know who, in terms of a name, but just who doesn't have the sense to wait until at least, maybe, 9am? (I know who it was, but lucky for them I didn't answer it. It was the principle of it.)

Let me tell you of this funny thing here that we just cannot figure out--I will call it the "Appointment Maker". We have had three small holes in our office wall for several months now, due to the pipes busting once everyone came back from holiday and the pressure surged. They have replaced the pipes (hence the holes) and have been letting the walls dry. We received a letter from the wall replacer, telling us that they would call us on such-and-such day (which was last Friday) to schedule an appointment for the following Friday. This happens all the time--receiving letters telling you in advance someone will telephone you on a future day to discuss yet another day in the future, so be prepared. Last Friday, the Friday warned about in the letter, came and went with no phone call. This meant that the workman would show up unexpectedly, so be prepared (this happened with the internet, several times).

And voila, here we were at 7:33 am and the mf'r had the nerve to call me on my mobile, too. This is where I wish my German was say, more advanced, so I could have answered the door and put my disdain more properly (chewing someone out for being late or improper is openly accepted here--last week a seven year old girl ripped the tram driver a new one for being 4 minutes late and no one batted an eye). Maybe when he comes unexpectedly again I will rip him in English just to make myself feel better. My face will say it all anyway.

In actual knitting news, I have been working on some mittens from Norah Gaughan's Knitting Nature book. I've always wanted to knit some of these but who to knit them for? Soaring Eagles is the perfect outlet for this and some of the yarn from the stash.
Plus all the pieces from my Minimalist Sweater (minus one sleeve, god help me) are finished and blocked and in a lovely neat pile, begging me to keep going. I hate blocking. It's always when I doubt the sizing and think the thing can't possibly fit me.
While searching for some patterns for Soaring Eagles I came across some interesting patterns. Check out Mochimochiland, a blog full of Japanese knitted...things. I am a big fan of the knitted/crocheted toilet paper roll covers, but I never imagined what they came up with.

And, then this one is great, too, especially if you have a cat and had a Cabbage Patch Kid growing up. I think Fat Frank's gotta sweater comin' to him this Christmas.... Patterns can be easily adapted to humiliate your dog. Love it!

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