15 July 2007

Bastille Day in Strasbourg, France

This weekend we went to Strasbourg, France for no other reason than to just drive somewhere else. Why not France on Bastille Day? Strasbourg is in the Alsace region of France which has constantly changed hands between the German and French. By autobahn, it's about an hour away (I have a headache to prove it). In high school I took four years of French, so I'd like to think I went in with an incentive to like France. It was beautiful, but unbelievably hot. How can one hour away mean 40 degrees hotter? No wonder scores of folks die every summer there. For a few hours there, we thought we would be two of them.

So we arrived, found the hotel, and did the half-dazed Day One wandering. Day Two (the I-have-my-wits-about-me day) we took a cruise around the city and got severe sunburns. We saw the European Parliament, the Court of Human Rights, Petite France, and many more things I will remember once I have rehydrated myself. The photo above is of Petite France. Then after viewing the Parliament and Court, we passed back by St. Peters church, which was huge and beautiful. If you are into cathedrals, Europe is the place for you as they are everywhere.

Everyone in Strasbourg was preparing for Bastille Day, including hanging disco balls on the electricity poles--see for yourself. The night ended with fireworks over the bridge in Petite France, with the river Ill illuminated. In the morning we had crepes and started our death ride back to Heidelberg back on the autobahn.

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