29 June 2007

Marzipan is Funny

Germany has many food specialties--chocolate, sausages, spaetzle, schnitzel, and marzipan. You know marzipan--that almond paste that is shaped into fruits and other things that you never know what to do with (or maybe that`s just me). On the Haütpstraße is a quaint chocolaterie and I finally went in there to have a look around: truffles, jellied candies, chocolate bars from all over the world with lavendar and chili peppers, etc. I was low on Euro, and thank God for it. In the back was a big surprise: the marzipan section, which could have easily been renamed Schweinefleisch im Marzipan. Ok, just when you think you can`t possibly be shocked by anything else here (the lawnmower you plug-in was pretty good), they whip out pigs shaped out of marzipan. I felt this sudden urge to buy a bunch up (hence, the no Euro being a good thing) and horde them for a good joke. Pig heads (smiling, at that) in marzipan. A full-fledged pig that intimated the idea of being fully-cooked and ready to eat as it was also on a wooden board (yep, made of marzipan!), with utensils on the side made of--you guessed it!--made of marzipan. The ingenuity was astounding. They are quite serious people most of the time, with no sense of sarcasm from what you read in most guidebooks, and here I was looking at one of the funniest things yet. I wonder if it tasted just a leeeeetttle bit like bacon?

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