05 June 2007

Baby Steps

Yeah, so after four days of having our Handy's we FINALLY figured out how to use them. Please believe me when I say we are not normally so retarded, just not functional in German ways. You can easily take for granted the days when you got your phone from Cingular, and somehow you just "knew" what your number was. You'd give it out to people, they would call you, the call would actually go through. All in all, a very successful, though minor, life event. Well, it didn't even occur to us to ask what our numbers would be (shouldn't this be obvious??). So after charging the darn things we could not figure out how to call each other. We tried calling places we knew. Nothing. You'd get the wrong number sound (you know this) but then the error message is in German (sorry, but I am still on "Where is the train station?"). I had the pinnacle of cell phone technology in my purse and yet I couldn't tell you what my frickin number was. So I translated the whole sheet that came with the contract. We eventually figured it out. Just took 4 days.

Today is really the first day on my own without any place to be. We pretty much have the flat set (just waiting to make an appointment with the landlord to do the contract). So I decided to come to the Hauptstra├če to walk around. The Hauptstra├če is the long pedestrian area in the old part of Heidelberg. I had breakfast at the Weiner Feinbacker--pretzel and a tea. You gotta love a country that eats soft pretzels for breakfast. I still have no idea what is being said to me when I buy something to eat but I was at least able to go through it without any major bumps or the foreigner-in-headlights look. Just go "Ja, Ja. Danke, bitte" at the appropriate moments and you'll be fine.

Interesting find of the day: pimples are called "pickles" here.

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